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How to use f.lux

How to use f.lux


Download f.lux for free.

The program f.lux is suppose to reduce eye strain by changing the brightness and color of your monitor. If your curious as to why you would want to use this program the reason is that we are not meant to see the sun after it sets. LCD’s and other types of monitors with their bright white light simulate the sun making it difficult for you to sleep after using your computer at night.

This is where f.lux shines and helps you rest better. It is suppose to pretty much simulate fire or natural light. A candle is not the sun, and your body knows this so what f.lux can do it simulate candle light being emitted from your monitor helping you sleep after your done using it.

f.lux has many options for night lighting, I’ll list them here.

  • 1200k: Ember
  • 1900k: Candle
  • 2300k: Dim Incandescent
  • 2700k: Incandescent
  • 3400k: Halogen
  • 4200k: Fluorescent
  • 5000k: Sunlight

As you can see f.lux has many light modes. It also has Darkroom mode, and Movie mode. My personal favorite night-time lighting option is Incandescent. It is not too yellow, and is not too bright either. Ember makes everything pretty much yellow and if you need to identify color you won’t want this option.

I would only recommend going as low as Dim Incandescent anything lower, makes it hard to identify colors properly though the eye strain reduction is pretty nice.

The program also is able to go into Safe Mode which as far as I can tell just removes the background transparency.

There is an extra’s button which lets f.lux take control of Philips hue lights which is an amazing feature! I don’t have a Philips monitor or lighting system, but I’m sure it is incredible.

So all in all get f.lux it is free, and helps you sleep better by reducing night-time eye strain.

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