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Image taken from: http://eecatalog.com/

AMD APU’s are the latest greatest thing from AMD. They are as seen in the above image a hybrid of a CPU and a GPU. This has many benefits, and a few drawbacks. This really is a great innovation, but more so for laptops, and tablets not really desktop computers. An APU can work with an AMD Graphics card if one is installed on the same machine, and together can help each other make your applications, and games run smoother.

However once you get more into the enthusiast area where you want to start using high end cards like the AMD 290, 290X, or 295X2 than things change. At this point you would be better off having a dedicated CPU, and a dedicated GPU. If you turned on the options that allow the APU to work with your GPU and your GPU just so happens to be a high end card like the few we listed than your APU will be a major bottleneck to your performance.

Currently one of the best processors you can get from AMD that will get you tons of performance is the FX-8350 (Not an affiliate link). It is a fast eight core processor that runs at 4.0Ghz with some variation in different models.

AMD – Radeon products are known to run hotter, and use more power than Intel – Nvidia products, but you get what you pay for. AMD – Radeon products usually cost between 20%-50% less than the competition. Note that this is only an evaluation of consumer grade processors and graphics cards not commercial grade or server grade.

If you are going to settle for an APU go with the A10-7850K.

amd-apuOtherwise if your going with a dedicated CPU – GPU build than choose this processor.

amd-cpuBoth chooses are good considering they are pretty much top tier consumer grade products which by all standards are cheap as far as price is concerned, and high as far as quality is concerned. You really can’t go wrong with either one. I myself have a FX8350 with a after-market CPU cooler and I could not be happier.

My brother has an AMD A10-7850K with a stock cooler, and could not be happier though his processor with the stock cooler does run a little hot but nothing to the point that is concerning. At 100% full load the APU did reach higher temperatures than my FX8350.

So again in conclusion they are both good options, but personally I would go with the FX8350. For more news, updates, posts, and reviews check back here at https://md5live.com/