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The Nobiax (3D Model Collection)

The Nobiax (3D Model Collection)

Note everything is originally intact as it was originally downloaded.

Download Now! (839 Megabytes)


If you downloaded my previous post on another website http://www.dengan.net/ (Note the mentioned content was moved to MD5Live.com) than you are now familiar with the quality of Mr Nobiax’s work. This is no exception! He does 3D modelling as well as he does his 3D textures. again the below links are how you can find him online.

If your interested in WinRAR the free zipping and unzipping software here is a link to that software as well.

WinRAR Download Link



Well we’ll give it to you straight.

It depends.

Short sweet and to the point go with TIFF. TIFF is now owned by Adobe so you get the best of both worlds the ability to be fully compatible with Photoshop, but use other programs like Gimp.

If you suddenly feel like you need to Convert all your textures now don’t worry theirs an app for that. XnView your welcome.

I’ve noticed Cinema4D works best with TIFF’s. Also note that when saving to TIFF format the extension is generally .tif

TARGA is powerful as well, and these days it comes more down to preference. I prefer TIFF for two reason. One it works very well with Cinema4D’s BodyPaint3D, and second it’s backed by Adobe so I’m not screwing myself over for the future. Below are two Wiki links for each of the two formats so you can read up more on them in detail.

If you disagree with anything I’ve wrote please let us know why you disagree in the comments.

Cinema 4D Tip (Color Map VS Diffuse Map – The Difference)

Cinema 4D Tip

What is the difference between a color map and a diffuse map?

Well in Cinema 4D the difference is not quite obvious if your someone who has used other 3D modelling programs before.

Color Map = The Actual Color (Base Texture)
Diffuse Map = This is where you put your ambient occlusion map. You could also consider this a “Dirt” channel or fake AO channel to give better visual appeal to your 3D model.

Short sweet and to the point I hope you guys find this post useful and if your searching Google, and come by this post drop a comment below to say thank you!